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Guandong Golden Glass (GGG) has been a leading manufacturer of architectural glass for over 12 years. ABS choose GGG because of their experience in large commercial projects which enables them to design and produce high quality BIPV modules to suit a wide range of applications, from curved glass, high to low transmittance and even multi coloured crystalline cells for a unique appearance.

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GGG Project Examples

1. GuangzhouTobaccoTower, Guangzhou,Guangdong.  2010

Installed Power:24KW, area 348m2
Supporting and Fixing Method:Semi-Exposed and Semi-Hidden frame
Module:8mm low iron solar glass + PVB and cell layer+8mm Low-E glass+16A+6mm glass+PVB+6mm glass
Module Size:1048×(1500—1890)mm parallelogram module
Cell Type:156 ×156mm Polycrystalline
Glass:Tempered, Heat Soak
Type of Connection:Junction Box side

2. Shanghai World Expo 2010 – Alsace, France Pavilion.

Installed Power:6.6kW, area:72 m2
Supporting and Fixing Method:Point Fixing
Module:8mm low iron solar glass + PVB and cell layer +15mm glass
Module Size:2020 × 2380mm
Module Power:440Wp
Cell Type:125 × 125mm Monocrystalline
Glass:Tempered, Heat Soak
Type of Connection:Junction box on side

3. Guangzhou Passenger Station, 2010

Installed Power:253.5KW Area:5016m2
Location: Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Supporting and Fixing Method:Hidden frame
Module:5mm low iron solar glass + PVB and cell layer+8mm glass
Module Size:1970 × 1730mm,1970×1980mm
Module Power:178Wp
Cell Type:125 × 125mm Monocrystalline
Glass:Tempered, Heat Soak
Transmittance:53%, 57%
Types of Connection:Junction Box on side
Feature:The first BIPV railway station project in China and the first BIPV array to use a self-cleaning system. The cleaning machine is remote controlled and powered by it’s own solar panel and battery.

4. City College of San Francisco, California, USA, 2010

Installed Power: 2075W, area: 147.28m2
Supporting and Fixing Method: Point Fixing
Module: 6mm clear low iron tempered glass + PVB + cell layer + 12mm clear low iron tempered glass
Module Size: 1136 x 1330mm
Module Power: 50Wp
Cell Type: 125 x 125mm Monocrystalline
Glass: Tempered, Heat Soak
Transmittance: 80%
Type of Connection: Junction box on the back

Feature: Double-glazed BIPV modules are prominently placed above the building entrance. Point fixing is adopted to provide elegant appearance and simple structure.

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